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If you’re researching your family tree, or simply want to complete your family photographic records, the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board can provide photos of the memorial or headstone of a loved one.

Photos are available in digital format or as standard size photographic prints.

Each purchase of a photograph will include a shot of the entire gravesite and if available, a close up of the headstone bearing the inscription requested.

Please note: there may not be a headstone on the grave you have requested. We will not know this until we visit the gravesite. For this reason, the fee is not refundable if there is no headstone.

To purchase, complete the form below and return it to us with your payment.


Your name_____________________________________________________


Postcode________Telephone (Work)____________(Home)______________


1. Name of Deceased ____________________________________________
*Application Number: ____________________________________________

2. Name of Deceased ____________________________________________
*Application Number: ____________________________________________

3. Name of Deceased ____________________________________________
*Application Number: ____________________________________________

4. Name of Deceased ____________________________________________
*Application Number: ____________________________________________

(* mandatory field – please look up the name on our search facility to ensure we are advised of the correct person)

Total number of photos required: _____

Total payment owing:

___ digital photos (by e-mail) @ AUD$28.60 each AUD$_____

___ digital photos (posted on CD) @ AUD$40.70 each AUD$_____

___ each additional photo in any format @ AUD$11.00 each AUD$_____

All prices above are inclusive of GST.

Method of payment:

Cheque__________ Money Order_____________

Credit card:

Name of cardholder:

Bank or financial institution:

Credit card number:

Expiry Date:

If you would like to use this photo as part of an Online Memorial, please visit our Memories e-ternal website at


Please forward this form with your payment by post to:

Metropolitan Cemeteries Board
PO Box 53
Claremont WA 6910

Or, (if paying by credit card), fax to (08) 9384 9273.

Sample photographs only - frames are not included.