Scheduled Funerals for Monday, 22/12/2014.

This information was last updated at 5:12 PM, 21/12/2014.

Please note that private funerals are not displayed.

Surname First Name Time Director Cemetery Location
ALTHEER Michael 10:30    Bowra & O'Dea Midland  Pinnaroo  East Chapel 
BANCROFT Alan 4:00    Bowra & O'Dea Cannington  Karrakatta  Anglican LN1 D006 
CAMPBELL Jaidan 2:30    Purslowe Funerals North Perth  Pinnaroo  East Chapel 
CHAISTY Raymond 2:30    Purslowe Funerals Wangara  Pinnaroo  Acacia Court - 1597 
COOPER Leslie 12:30    Remembrance Funerals  Fremantle  East Chapel 
DELASALLE Heather 10:00    Bowra & O'Dea Cannington  Karrakatta  Brown Chapel 
FOWLER Thelma 08:30    Funeralcare  Fremantle  East Chapel 
FOX Catherine 3:30    Seasons Funerals Balcatta  Pinnaroo  East Chapel 
GEDDES Margaret 11:00    Bowra & O'Dea Westminster  Pinnaroo  West Chapel 
HANSTRUM Karl 1:00    Chippers Subiaco  Pinnaroo  West Chapel 
HEARLE Patricia 10:30    Christian Funerals  Karrakatta  Norfolk Chapel 
HOOD Frank 11:30    Perth Cremations  Fremantle  East Chapel 
JACKSON Joan 09:00    Mareena Purslowe & Assoc Willetton  Karrakatta  Brown Chapel 
KANIECKI Anna 1:30    Christian Funerals  Fremantle  East Chapel 
KANIECKI Anna 2:45    Christian Funerals  Fremantle  Christadelphian T7 0001C 
KEEL Martin 3:30    Funeralcare  Midland  Latter Day Saints C 0039 
KHUON Mao 4:00    Reflection Of Life  Pinnaroo  West Chapel 
LIADOW Nina 10:00    Seasons Funerals Redcliffe  Karrakatta  Russian Orthodox BA 0056 
MCCOMBE William 2:00    Purslowe Funerals Victoria Park  Karrakatta  Brown Chapel 
MILLAR Joyce 3:00    Mareena Purslowe Subiaco  Pinnaroo  West Chapel 
MINCHERTON Gilbert 2:30    Purslowe Tinetti Funerals  Karrakatta  Norfolk Chapel 
OATES Phyllis 12:30    Bowra & O'Dea Westminster  Pinnaroo  East Chapel 
PALMER Linnette 09:30    Chippers Myaree  Fremantle  East Chapel 
PARRAVICINI Billie 09:00    Christian Funerals  Pinnaroo  West Chapel 
PEACHMENT Allan 12:30    Prosser Scott & Co.  Karrakatta  Norfolk Chapel 
PISANO Alessandro 11:30    Mareena Purslowe & Assoc Midland  Midland  General G 0612 
ROBSON Donald 3:00    Simplicity Funerals Kelmscott  Karrakatta  Brown Chapel 
SCHULZ Sarah 2:30    Bowra & O'Dea Fremantle  Fremantle  East Chapel 
TEASDALE Kathleen 10:00    Remembrance Funerals  Pinnaroo  West Chapel 
THOMAS Kathleen 3:00    Prosser Scott & Co.  Pinnaroo  Melaleuca Court - 0155 
VAN DE BERG Marjorie 3:30    Bowra & O'Dea Cannington  Fremantle  East Chapel 
WILKERSON Ronald 09:30    Purslowe Funerals Wangara  Pinnaroo  East Chapel