Scheduled Funerals for Wednesday, 26/06/2019.

This information was last updated at 10:06 AM, 26/06/2019.

Please note that private funerals are not displayed.

Surname First Name Time Director Cemetery Location
ATHANASIOU Olympia 11:45    Leanne O'Dea Funerals Westminster  Karrakatta  Lawn R 0654 
BARBERA Salvatore 11:45    Remembrance Funerals  Fremantle  General VP 0385 
CARTER Helen 12:00    Hetherington Funerals  Karrakatta  Brown Chapel 
CARTER Helen 1:00    Hetherington Funerals  Karrakatta  Lawn S 0533 
DRAGUN Michael 12:30    Bowra & O'Dea Westminster  Pinnaroo  East Chapel 
EDMONDS Elton 11:30    Leanne O'Dea Funerals Westminster  Pinnaroo  East Chapel 
EMMETT Ian 2:00    Green Fields Funerals  Pinnaroo  West Chapel 
FIUMANO Francesco 12:00    Bowra & O'Dea Midland  Midland  General H 0088 
FOSTER Janice 3:30    Leanne O'Dea Funerals Cannington  Pinnaroo  East Chapel 
HAYRES Tony 09:30    Gift Of Grace  Fremantle  East Chapel 
KUMARAJEEWA Chamalie 2:30    Silkwood Funerals  Karrakatta  Norfolk Chapel 
LEE Stanley 10:00    Seasons Funerals Kelmscott  Fremantle  West Chapel 
MCGURK Doris 1:00    Mareena Purslowe Funerals Midland  Pinnaroo  West Chapel 
MCGURK Doris 2:15    Mareena Purslowe Funerals Midland  Pinnaroo  Eremea Court - 0807 
MCINTOSH Janice 1:00    Oakwood Funerals Booragoon  Fremantle  West Chapel 
MORAN Mihai 3:00    Simplicity Funerals Kelmscott  Fremantle  West Chapel 
PITTS-HILL Rae 2:30    Simplicity Funerals Joondalup  Pinnaroo  East Chapel 
POLAND Leo 12:00    Funeralcare  Fremantle  West Chapel 
PULITANO Maria 12:30    Perth Cremations  Karrakatta  Norfolk Chapel 
RAYMOND Una 2:30    Oakwood Funerals Booragoon  Fremantle  East Chapel 
SEIGNE Shirley 11:00    Seasons Funerals Canning Vale  Karrakatta  Anglican LN1 C023 
STOCKTON John 11:00    Simplicity Funerals Joondalup  Pinnaroo  West Chapel 
STONE Trevor 2:30    Bowra & O'Dea Midland  Guildford  General N 0084 
TUHORO Ripaki 09:30    Funeralcare  Pinnaroo  East Chapel 
WARD Hilda 11:30    Purslowe & Chipper Funerals Rockingham  Fremantle  East Chapel