Scheduled Funerals for Tuesday, 02/09/2014.

This information was last updated at 5:09 PM, 01/09/2014.

Please note that private funerals are not displayed.

Surname First Name Time Director Cemetery Location
ARNDT Siegfried 10:00    Simplicity Funerals Joondalup  Pinnaroo  West Chapel 
CARLIN Andrew 2:00    Bowra & O'Dea Fremantle  Pinnaroo  West Chapel 
FARINA Santino 12:00    Bowra & O'Dea Dianella  Karrakatta  Brown Chapel 
HALLAMS Elinor 1:30    Simplicity Funerals Joondalup  Pinnaroo  East Chapel 
HANCOCK Edward 11:00    Personal Funerals  Pinnaroo  Tuart Court - 2297 
HANDS Eugene 11:00    Leanne O'Dea Funerals Westminster  Pinnaroo  West Chapel 
HICKS Patricia 3:45    Bowra & O'Dea Fremantle  Fremantle  General T 0623 
ILARDA Gandolfa 11:45    Leanne O'Dea Funerals Westminster  Karrakatta  Lawn L 0495 
KINGSLEY Julian 2:30    Simplicity Funerals Spearwood  Fremantle  East Chapel 
MACDONALD Robert 12:00    Chippers Rockingham  Rockingham  Lawn A 0336 
MAIO Osvaldo 10:30    Purslowe Funerals Midland  Karrakatta  Lawn ANHA 0123 
MCGUIGAN Maureen 2:30    Remembrance Funerals  Karrakatta  Norfolk Chapel 
MURDOCH John 3:30    Oakwood Funerals Booragoon  Karrakatta  Norfolk Chapel 
PRICE James 09:15    Remembrance Funerals  Karrakatta  Dench Chapel 
SCOTT Robert 10:30    Bowra & O'Dea Midland  Pinnaroo  East Chapel 
SOCORRO Ramon 10:00    Mareena Purslowe & Assoc Fremantle  Karrakatta  Brown Chapel 
STOUT James 12:30    Oakwood Funerals Booragoon  Karrakatta  Norfolk Chapel 
STOUT James 12:00    Reflection Of Life  Pinnaroo  West Chapel 
SUTHERLAND Edwin 09:30    Mareena Purslowe Subiaco  Karrakatta  Norfolk Chapel 
THOMPSON John 09:45    Seasons Funerals Belmont  Karrakatta  Lawn ANLA 0188 
WHITE Madeline 2:00    Mareena Purslowe & Assoc Fremantle  Karrakatta  Brown Chapel 
WILLIS Reginald 10:30    Bowra & O'Dea Perth  Karrakatta  Norfolk Chapel