Scheduled Funerals for Friday, 04/09/2015.

This information was last updated at 5:09 PM, 03/09/2015.

Please note that private funerals are not displayed.

Surname First Name Time Director Cemetery Location
ADAMS Beryl 3:00    Purslowe Funerals North Perth  Pinnaroo  West Chapel 
ALFIREVICH Palma 10:30    Purslowe Funerals Fremantle  Karrakatta  Norfolk Chapel 
ALFIREVICH Palma 11:45    Purslowe Funerals Fremantle  Karrakatta  Roman Catholic LN7 0244 
ATTWOOD Gavin 11:00    Funeralcare  Pinnaroo  West Chapel 
BOHAN Thelma 3:00    Chippers Subiaco  Karrakatta  Brown Chapel 
CARBONE Alfonso 12:15    Bowra & O'Dea Fremantle  Fremantle  General U 0475 
DALRYMPLE Cameron 3:30    Christian Funerals  Fremantle  East Chapel 
DOBSON June 1:30    Mareena Purslowe & Assoc Wangara  Pinnaroo  East Chapel 
GINNELLY Martin 12:00    Seasons Funerals Kelmscott  Fremantle  West Chapel 
HOCKING John 10:30    Remembrance Funerals  Pinnaroo  East Chapel 
JANSSEN John 10:00    Purslowe Funerals Fremantle  Fremantle  West Chapel 
KNUDSEN Kell 2:00    Simple Price - Wise Cremations  Pinnaroo  West Chapel 
KURTIS Pascalini 11:15    Bowra & O'Dea Westminster  Karrakatta  Lawn T 0169 
LOWE Barbara 3:30    Bowra & O'Dea Cannington  Karrakatta  Norfolk Chapel 
MARCOS Jenny 3:30    Christian Funerals  Guildford  Coptic Orthodox A 0241 
MONACO Ferdinando 09:30    Bowra & O'Dea Cannington  Fremantle  East Chapel 
PONDS James 2:30    Remembrance Funerals  Karrakatta  Norfolk Chapel 
RADONICH Boris 2:45    Bowra & O'Dea Fremantle  Fremantle  Roman Catholic Lawn LD 0035 
RAMSAY Nadeem 3:45    Purslowe Funerals Fremantle  Fremantle  Roman Catholic C5 0719 
TAKACH DE DUKA George 1:00    Simplicity Funerals Osborne Park  Midland  Roman Catholic L 0442 
THOMAS Kathleen 2:00    Purslowe Funerals North Perth  Karrakatta  Brown Chapel 
THOMSON Joan 1:30    Reflection Of Life  Karrakatta  Norfolk Chapel 
THOMSON Samantha 10:00    Mareena Purslowe & Assoc Midland  Karrakatta  Brown Chapel 
TRESIDDER Barry 10:00    Purslowe Funerals Midland  Pinnaroo  West Chapel